TPIMS Compound Libraries

The TPIMS compound library collection currently consists of over 30 million drug-like compounds and billions of peptides. All of the compound libraries are arranged in the positional scanning format which allows for the testing of millions of compounds using only hundreds of samples. Because of the capability to screen the TPIMS compound libraries with fewer samples, these libraries can be screened in virtually any assay with no adaptation requirements.

Please watch the following video “A Rapid Alternative Route to “Hit”/Drug Discovery” given by Dr. Richard A. Houghten at the 2017 Boulder Peptide Symposium for a further explanation of the TPIMS approach.


Process for Screening TPIMS Compound Libraries

The process for screening these compound collections consists of the following steps:

  • Execute a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) – This protects the rights of each institute and allows sharing of any intellectual property that is generated.
  • Screen the scaffold ranking plate (a single plate containing ~50 samples for screening in an assay) – This is used to prioritize those libraries with the most likelihood for identifying individual, lead compounds for your program.
  • Select and screen the full positional scanning library (or libraries) identified from the scaffold ranking plate – This data identifies the individual compounds for synthesis at TPIMS.
  • Screen the individual compounds prepared – This will provide lead compounds for the assay under investigation. These compounds can be further developed into potential therapeutics for intervention in human, animal, and/or agricultural diseases.

Contact Information

If you are interested in participating in the Florida Drug Discovery Acceleration Program, please contact:

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We look forward to collaborating with you and advancing research efforts throughout the state of Florida!